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Cocoa Cookies is a free Cocoa-based utility for Mac OS X Tiger that allows you to search (with regex) and delete (with undo) HTTP cookies stored in the shared Cocoa cookie storage used by Safari, Dashboard, NetNewsWire, Sherlock, Shiira, and others.



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New in version 0.9:Universal Binary Logo

New in version 0.8:

Note that you may still delete 'protected' cookies via Safari, NNW, Shiira or any other cocoa app that uses the shared cocoa cookie storage. So you should always search, manage and delete cookies via Cocoa Cookies in order to take advantage of this 'protection'. This shouldn't be much of a problem, as Cocoa Cookies (with regex search, batch delete and undo capabilities) provides a much more full-featured UI from which to manage your cookies.

This cookie protection does not extend the life of a cookie beyond its specified duration. Protected cookies will still be lost when they pass their expire date. (but this is probably what you would prefer anyway)

If there is demand, I can look into adding support for cookie protection from other apps (like Safari) as well. But after having used Safari's cookie-managing UI and Cocoa Cookies, I believe that no one will really care to use anything but Cocoa Cookies to manage their cookies if they have a real need. Therefore, I don't see much value in pursuing that functionality.

What is this new feature good for? It allows you to select cookies that you care about and then be a bit more care-free about deleting cookies from within Cocoa Cookies.

New in version 0.7:

New in version 0.6:

New in version 0.5:

New in version 0.4:

New in version 0.3:

New in version 0.2:

Cocoa Cookies requires Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later.

Cocoa Cookies is developed by Todd Ditchendorf. Have feedback? Email me.

Special thanks for help with this app go to two people:

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